1.1 Timeline

By Chou Khamkeuang

1725 – Basile Bouchon was the first person to use punched holes used in the control of a loom

1804 – Joseph Marie Jacquard automated the loom operation. Punch cards were linked to chains, and each card held instructions for shedding and selecting the shuttle for a single pass.

1832 – Semyon Korsakov was the first to use punched cards for information storage and searching purposes.

1890 – Herman Hollerith invented the tabulating machine used for the 1890 US Census. Tabulating machines basically helped summarized information stored on punched cards. Herman Hollerith’s Tabulating Machine Company merged into a company that was eventually called International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in 1924.

1922 – First cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors technology (cathode ray rube)

1945 – The idea of hypertext is credited to Vannevar Bush’s MEMEX idea where documents are linked to other related documents

1946 – ENIAC used a teletype machine to input data

1962 – First graphical video game was probably SpaceWar by Slug Russel

1962 – First computer joysticks

1963 – Ivan Sutherland demonstrated with SketchPad the manipulation of objects using a light-pen including grabbing objects, moving them, changing and changing size at MIT.

1963 – Several Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems were presented

1963 – First 3D system by TImothy JOhnson’s 3D CAD system

1965-68 – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality research by Ivan Sutherland

1965 – The mouse was developed at Stanford Research Laboratory

1965 –  Ted Nelson coined the term “hypertext”

1965 – First touchscreen

1966-67 – William Newman created the first “widget” at Imperial College, London

1966-67 – First User Interface Management System (UIMS) by William Newman

1968 – Multiple tiled windows demonstrated in Engelbart’s NLS

1968 – Demonstrated remote participation of multiple people at various sites

1968 – A wooden mouse was built and used to draw all the frames of a movie by Ken Pulfer and Grant Bechthold

1968 – FRESS project used multiple windows and integrated text and graphics

1969 – The idea of overlapping windows proposed by Alan Kay at the University of Texas

1969 – Eletronic mail enabled by ARPAnet

1973 – Email used with Ethernet

1974 – EMACS text editor

1974 – COPILOT

1874-75 – first computer painting program was probably Dick Shoup’s “Superpaint”

1975 – David Canfield Smith coined the term “icons” at Stanford

1975 – First portable computer called IBM 5100

1976 – PROMIS was the first HYpertext system, used to link patient and patient care information at the University of Vermont’s medical center

1976 – First popular commercial game was Pong

1977-78 – VisiCalc developed by Frankston and Bricklin for the Apple II was initially the first spreadsheet

1979 – Some of the first commercial uses of windows were on Lips Machines Inc. (LMI) and Symbolics Lisp Machines

1970-85 – Steamer project was probably the first Interface Builder

1972 – First smartwatch called Pulsar

1981 – Xerox Star, uses mouse commercially, windows

1982 – Cedar Window Manager was the first major wiled window manager

1982 – Apple Lisa, uses mouse commercially, uses windows

1983 – Hyperties was the first system that allowed highlited items in a text to be clickedon and to go to other pages

1984 – Apple Macintosh, uses mouse commercially, windows

1984 – X Windows System was developed at MIT

1984 – First Mac operating system called System 1

1985 – Release of Microsoft 1.0 their first operating system

1986 – IBM released the Model M keyboard that resembles what most keyboards look like today

1987 – First tablet called Linus Write-Top

1988 – Apple HyperCard brought the idea of Hyperties to a wider audience

1990 – Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web in CERN

1992 – First smartphone invented by IBM 

1993 – Debian a Linux operating systems first released

1994 – IBM makes the first smartphone available for purchase called the Simon Personal Communicator (SPC)

1999 – First BlackBerry called BlackBerry 850

2007 – Apple iPhone released

2008 – First Tesla Roadster electric vehicle