Lesson 1.1: Introduction to HCI Review Glossary

Mobile devices – Mobile devices had major growth the last several years. Thought it seems there hasn’t been any major evolution there is still room for improvements (Joyner, 2019).

Augmented Reality – Real world environments that are complemented by computer generated multimedia.

Human senses – HCI is involved in all human senses.

UI Design – Many of the concepts covered in HCI were originally developed in the context of UI design.

UX Design – HCI is about understanding the interactions between humans and computers. UX is about dictating interactions between users and computers.

Human Factors Engineering – HCI is interested in designing interactions between people and computers whereas human factors is interested in designing interactions between people, and products, systems or devices.

Electric Cars – Electric cars are good examples of how technology is everywhere and HCI will play a part in the design.

Research – At the heart of HCI is research.


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