3.5 Final Fantasy XIV

Quick Reference Guide

Game Manual

  • Main guide for Getting Started, Basic Controls, Navigating the Game Screen, Party Play, Active Help, Configuration Settings

Getting Started

Game Setup

  • Information for Windows, Mac, and PS4
  • Buying the game
  • Installing the game
  • Registering the game
  • Starting the game

Starting the game

  • Data center selection
  • Character creation > Select race, gender, clan, appearance, name, world

Basic controls

Jump press space bar

Press ESC to close all windows

W key move forward

S key to move backwards

A key to move left

D key to move right

Arrow keys are the camera controls

Navigating the game screen

Party list – Displays vital stats

Log window – Displays quest dialogue, system messages, conversations with other players

Hotbars – Displays player actions, emotes, items

Parameter bar – Displays level progress

Main scenario guide – Indicates the location of your next available quest

Mini map – Displays current location of character as well as location of nearby landmarks, enemies in red dots, alies in blue dots

Duty list – Displays active quest titles and objectives


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