3.2 Ubuntu Interface Options

By Chou Khamkeuang

The display, mouse, keyboard, and accessibility options in Ubuntu are available in Settings.


  • The display settings are under Settings > Devices > Screen Display. Available display options are:
  • Orientation: Landscape, Portrait Right, Portrait Left, Landscape (flipped)
  • Resolution
  • Scale: 100% or 200%
  • Refresh Rate
  • Night Light: On or Off


Settings for keyboard are under Settings > Devices > Keyboard. The keyboard settings are all keyboard shortcuts, and there are a lot. More shortcuts can be added as well. Keyboard shortcuts can be changed to other keyboard combinations as well or changed to do other actions.


  • Settings for mouse are under Settings > Devices > Mouse & Touchpad. Settings available for mouse are:
  • Primary Button: Left or Right
  • Touchpad settings include:
  • Touchpad: On or Off
  • Natural Scrolling: On or Off
  • Touchpad Speed
  • Tap to Click
  • Two-finger scrolling: On or Off
  • Edge Scrolling: On or Off


  • The accessibility settings on Ubuntu are under Universal Access. The options are:
  • Always Show Universal Access MenuĀ 
  • Settings for Seeing are:
  • High Contrast
  • Large Text
  • Cursor Size
  • Zoom
  • Screen Reader
  • Sound Keys
  • Settings for Hearing are:
  • Visual Alerts
  • Settings for Typing are:
  • Screen Keyboard
  • Repeat Keys
  • Cursor Blinking
  • Typing Assist
  • Settings for Pointing & Clicking are:
  • Mouse Keys
  • Click Assist
  • Double-Click Delay
  • There are various settings for input and output devices.


Thunderbolt settings are under Settings > Devices > Thunderbolt and  include:

  • Direct Access

Removable Media

  • Removable Media settings are under Settings > Devices > Removable Media. The settings include:
  • CD Audio
  • DVD video
  • Music player
  • Photos
  • Software
  • Other Media
  • Never prompt or start programs on media insertion


Printers settings are under Settings > Devices > Printers. It lists the list of printers and the options to add printers.

There are also settings for wacom tablets which is under Settings > Devices > Wacom Tablet.

Sound settings are under Settings > Sound. There are several options for Output, Input, Sound Effects, and Applications.