1.5 Ultimate Level of HCI

By Chou Khamkeuang

Personally, the ultimate HCI would be human-robot interaction (HRI).

My vision is that everyone has a personal robot like in the Jetsons cartoon. They are able to think with artificial intelligence, and they could look like humans if that helps. They could look less human if it bothers people, but these robots would do everything we want them to do. They would clean our houses, answer our questions to their best abilities, be companions, used for protection, help the elderly with physical labor, and so on.

Human-robot interaction is a real term that can be found on Wikipedia as well. According to Wikipedia, the origins of HRI as a problem originated from Isaac Asimov’s novel “I, Robot” (“Human-robot interaction”, 2020). Basically, there are three laws that ensures the safety of humans from robots. I think Asimov’s laws are good laws. I think the fear  of robots turning against humans is realistic, and normal. We don’t know if that would ever happen so we should ensure that doesn’t happen while we’re in the early process of making this a reality. Maybe there are too many movies of robots taking over humans like “I, Robot,” or “Terminator” that puts these fears in our thoughts. But, we just don’t know if that would ever happen so we fear what we don’t know.

The other negative impact of robots is that we could use robots in wars against ourselves as weapons. War is a different topic, and a different problem, but whether it would be fair or ethical to use robots in warfare would be up to the politicians to decide.

Considering how life is like with the COVID-19 pandemic going on in the world right now, robots could help us get groceries to reduce the risk of getting infected or help with delivering the online orders that we make. That would be one application.

In Wikipedia, some of the applications it lists are industrial robots, which we already have in place, but in the future could be more efficient, and do more advanced tasks.

They could be sent to an area affected by a deadly disease like Ebola to investigate or they could be sent into a burning house to save people.

They could help with autism. There is some research that shows children with autism relate better with robots.

They are already used in autonomous driving, but eventually with more testing they would make driving safer, and help with deliveries. A lot of jobs would be lost obviously.

They would also help in space exploration. Robots would help us explore the universe for another planet we could live on or help in our understanding of the universe in general.

With respect to HCI design, robot human interaction is the ultimate HCI where we would need to figure out how we’ll interact with them.


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