1.3 Man versus Technology

By Chou Khamkeuang

While exploring the topic of human versus computer, this article on HCI from www.academia.edu mentions a couple of interesting points about the cons of HCI. It uses smartphones as an example, “human tend sleep with their phone right next to them” (Academia, 2013). I agree with that sentiment.

What specific threat or negative quality of computer technology does your example involve?

The negative quality of smartphones is that people and society have become addicted to them. Before we go to bed we check our phones, and fall asleep with them next to us. We wake up to them, check them for emails, news, tweets, weather, and so on. I think this has negative consequences on the human interaction perspective.

Kids are using them as early as 9 or 10 years old now so they grow up thinking that this is normal, which I think would make it harder for them to stop using them.

There are security issues as well.

Smartphones are so popular that I think they started the trend of IoT. Once phones became smart, other things became smart like smartcars, smartwatches, thermometers, appliances, and so on. The issues of smartphones exponentially grew to other products which probably creates other types of issues for IoT.

Are the technologies described current or are they presented as possible future developments?

Smartphones are current.

How credible a possibility is it that the events described could occur?

The safety effects of smartphones currently are evident. There are now laws penalizing people who use them while driving vehicles.

The way smartphones have affected human interaction and behavior is credible I think. It’s evident how popular they are based on numbers. There are probably more phones than humans. Some people have two phones. Some people in poorer countries are willing to sell their body parts in order to have enough money to buy them. In bars and restaurants, people are looking at their phones instead of talking to one another. Or they are talking to each other on the phones even though they are right next to each other.

Describe ways in which your own relationship with computer technology has been adversarial in nature.

Personally, I have my smartphones with me all the time so I know first hand how problematic they can be. I think I could survive and cope if I lost my smartphones but I didn’t grow up with smartphones so it wouldn’t be a problem for me. Specifically, the problem I have is not having them on me at all times. They’re clearly useful so I think it would be hard to get rid of smartphones in our lives. I try to stop looking at my phones when I catch myself looking at them when I’m around people and should be interacting with them. I think we’ll need to adjust in order to adapt to smartphones becoming part of our lives.

What are the specific aspects of computer technology that you feel people are most frustrated, threatened, or otherwise harmed by?

I think specific aspects of smartphones that people are most frustrated about are that they are changing all the time. Every year there are new features so people have to learn how to use them again, and it frustrates them. There’s also so many smartphones to choose from, and they are also very expensive.


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