2.5 Fremont Street Experience

By Chou Khamkeuang

Fremont Street Experience is a pedestrian street on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas (“Fremont Street Experience”, 2020) , and one of the main attractions is a barrel vault canopy called the Viva Vision Canopy that it claims is the largest video screen in the world according to its website (Vegas Experience, n.d.). However, on Wikipedia, Fremont Street Experience is listed as #2 behind the Suzhou Sky Screen (“List of largest video screens, 2020).

Nonetheless, it is one of the largest video screens in the world. It has a free light show with high-resolution imagery, and 600, 000-watt concert quality sound. The light show occurs every hour, and is approximately six minutes long (Vegas Experience, 2019). There are approximately 24 million visitors each year to see the Viva Vision light show.

It is 27 meters high, covers four blocks or 417 meters in length, and 27 meters wide. It was recently upgraded in 2019 and was unveiled on New Year’s eve, December 31, 2019. The upgrade cost $32 million. It was first opened on December 14, 1995 and the initial cost was approximately $63 million. It was upgraded for the first time in 2004, and that upgrade cost $17 million. 

There are now over 49 million energy efficient LEDs, and has 16,433,152 pixels. The upgraded screen is essentially 7x brighter and 4x the resolution. It can now also been shown during daylight hours.

There are 16 columns holding up the screen. Each column also has two, 13 feet tall, video screens on them which are 32 screens in total that are part of the light show.

One of the challenges is that it is curved so anything displayed on it has to be custom built to play on the screen.


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