2.3 Samsung Galaxy S9+

By Chou Khamkeuang


For people who spend a lot of time reading files, documents, books, manuals, or viewing videos the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is great for that. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone has a display size of 6.2″, and the resolution is 2960 x 1440 (Quad HD+) which provides a nice quality (“Samsung”, n.d.).

The sides are curved and has AMOLED technology. I found this annoying because I would always accidentally touch the screen and it would randomly open whatever apps I accidentally touched. Fotunately, it can be turned off in the settings.

It has a front and rear camera which takes nice pictures. The camera features are also nice. The panorama, food, and slow motion settings are nice.

The speakers are not bad. Most of my calls I use the speaker phone so this feature is important. I think it could be better sound though.

It has 64 GB of built-in memory which is plenty and also supports external memory up to 400 GB MicroSD. Memory is not an issue.

It has a fingerprint sensor which is good for added security.

The battery is OK. I find that I have to charge it at least every day but after a while you get used to it.

It’s also think and pretty light for its size.


The operating sytems is based on Android. Applications can be downloaded from Google Play or the built-in Samsung Galaxy Store. Android has tons of applications if the built-in default applications that Samsung provides are not enough.

Input sources

To type, it uses a touch screen. There is also the option to use voice commands.


The main screen has a dock in the bottom that can have 4 apps that can always be accessible for convenience. Those can be changed and removed. There is three icons below those that are always there. One is to show open apps, the middle one is to go to the full screen which shows all the apps, and the back button.

The icons are colourful which gives each app a distinction and makes it easy to find. There’s different themes to choose from. There’s different wallpapers to choose from.

It’s very easy to navigate as well in terms of the layout, using the touch screen, and getting used to the finger gestures was easy.

Limitations or weaknesses

Sometimes I find that the size is too big. It makes typing or using with one hand challenging and difficult at times.

The speakers are OK. The sounds are clear but it sometimes is loud, which can be turned down.

The battery is life is alright. It has to be charged every day. I could probably optimize this by removing apps I don’t use.

Samsung. (n.d.). Specificationshttps://www.samsung.com/ca/smartphones/galaxy-s9/spec/