2.2 Google Assistant

By Chou Khamkeuang

The voice recognition software that I will be testing is Google Assistant on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Available by default on Google Pixel smartphones or would have to download the Google Assistant app to use on Android phones. Google Assistant is also available on other types of products such as speakers, wearables, cars, tablets, and laptops.

To start, I had to download and install Google Assistant as it was not installed by default. That is understandable because even though this was an Android phone it is not a Google product. 

The install didn’t take long like most apps, and I was able to start using it right away. To use Google Assistant the app has to be clicked on. Although on Google Pixel smartphones, I believe it is already installed by default and a button has to be clicked to use Google Assistant. Once the app is open, Google Assistant is listening for commands, and any command can be given at that point.

The first time I used it on my phone I thought I had to say “Hey Google” first and then say the commands but eventually I realized I didn’t have to which made it easier to use because all I had to do was click the app and say whatever command I wanted. 

So what I said was “Hey Google, how’s the weather?” as per the screenshot below, and Google would launch another page with its response and the weather. It determined my location as well. The result was satisfactory. It understood what I asked and provided the information. 

Then I asked Google how do you make a pizza, it provided a YouTube video on how to make a pepperoni pizza, but I had to click on the video to play it which was disappointing because I had to do one more step to find out.

When I asked Google to play Michael Jackson Thriller, it played a YouTube video of Michael Jackson Thriller and I didn’t have to do anything else. It simply just played it which was great.

When I asked Google to take a picture, it said “ok”, opened the camera app, and took a picture of whatever I was pointing at. I never had to press anything else so this worked great as well.

Overall, the Google Assistant for Android smartphones was good. I think I will try to use it more often now to see if it would make life easier instead of typing everything and having to look for apps. It was easy to use, and it worked.


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